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Request Solved Assignments

IGNOU Solved Assignments for all courses Request New Assignment

If you are unable to find your assignment on our website then you can request here for any specific course. We will provide you solution in time. Comment below with details about your Course Code & Medium to get your solved assignment. You can also contact us via email at “” or via WhatsApp: +917696761753

83 thoughts on “Request Solved Assignments

  1. Sir, Please sending MPS 2nd year assignment solutions.

    1. Kindly mention course codes and medium. ie. MPS-001 English Medium


    [Admin Reply: Done, You can check on website.]

  3. Please Upload BCA 3rd Semester All assignment

  4. BCSL-033 assignment 2018-2019
    BCSL-034 assignment 2018-2019

  5. Sir I want BCS 54, BCSL 44, BCSL 45, BCSL 56, BCSL 57, BCSL 58

  6. Sir please share BCSL 044, BCSL 045 and 5 sem BCA solved assignment in English medium.

    [Admin Reply: It will be shared soon, I’m working on it.]

  7. please send assignment bcsl032 by mail

    [Admin Reply: Done check your inbox]

  8. Please upload PGDAST assignment

  9. please upload anc1(tma1,tma2) assignment

    1. Please mention medium and session.


    1. We have sent you an email. Check your inbox.


  12. Sir I want BCA 5th semester solved assignment ( BCS-53, BCS-54, BCS-55, BCSL-57, BCSL-58)

    1. We are working on it.

  13. Bca third semester solved assignment
    Mcs-023 data base management system
    Mca-014 system anayanal and design
    Bcsl-034 dbms lab

  14. Pls send solved assignment 2018 JANUARY of FYB.SC. Subject 1)FMT-1 And 2)FHD-02

  15. Dear Sir,

    Please Upload 2018-19 Solved Assignment of BCA 3rd Semester



    Rabindra Singh

  16. sir i need assignment for bca 3rd semster in english medium

    1. Will be available in this week.

      1. sir ,when will the assignments will be uploaded ??

  17. Sir i need the following assignments
    Bcsl-45 and

  18. I have paid for 2 no of solved assignment but i can’t download it… can u tell whats wrong with me…?

    1. Your assignments has been sent to your email address please check your inbox.

  19. PLZ ADD MTE-10,AEC-01 IN EM

    1. Contact me via WhatsApp to get MTE-10 Solved Assignment.

  20. Sir please send me phe 06 assignment

  21. please upload assignment of below mentioned subjects for the 2018-19.


  22. Pls provide solved assingnment of BEGE102 , BEGE 103 For december 2018 Aspirants

      1. There is a different assingnment for december exam aspirants

        1. New assignment is for July 2018 and January 2019 Session.

          1. So which session is mine, how to know?

      2. Thanks, Got it

  23. please send bca 3rd semester solved assignmnets 2018-2019 january session

    1. All available assignments are on website. Please check in the BCA Assignments Category.

  24. mpa15,mpa16,mso02 in hindi medium

    1. Uploaded on website, Please check

    2. Request Completed

  25. sir please upload bca 3rd semster assignments in english medium

    how much time will it take

    1. Request completed.

  26. Kindly put bcsl022 assembly language june2018-19

  27. Please upload BCSL-022.

  28. Sir UrUrgent need BSHF 101 Assignment

    1. Your medium and session ?

  29. sir i need previous session (2017-2018) solved assignments please

    1- BCSL-021
    2- BCSL-022

    in english medium…..

    1. bca 2nd semester ..

  30. BCS-011 BCA(1)-011/Assignment/18-19, BCS-012 BCA(1)-012/Assignment/18-19. PLEASE SEND THIS ASSIGNMENTS URGENTLY.

    1. Email you entered while placing order was incorrect. We have updated the correct email, Please check your inbox

  31. Sir i need mca 1st Semester MSCL-017 solved assignment for July 2018 session.

  32. Sir Please Send BCSL-045 Solved Assignment BCA4

  33. IGNOU BCA 4th Sem Two Papers of 2018-2019 needed in English
    BCS-042 and BCSL-045

  34. dear sir please add bcsl 58

  35. Sir please provide the assignment solution for bca 2nd semester code – bcsl-022

  36. Hii,,
    Please upload MCA 4th semester solved assignment 2028-2029

    1. Are you commenting from future ?

  37. Please provide PGDAST English Medium assignments for year 2018-2019.
    Lots of friends are looking for it.

  38. Please provide solution for the course MAPC ( subjects : MPC001 TO MPC006 ) first year all assignments for the year 2918-19.

    1. 2018-19 Assignment solution will be available in January 2019.

  39. plz provide the MCA( MCSL – 017) Assignment for 2018 – 2019

  40. Sir ..kindly provide me assignmt of mca 2 semester

    1. You can download MCA 2nd Semester Solved Assignments from this page:

  41. sir please send my order no is#6255 bcsl032 and my payment id is 215273905.

    1. Done, Please check your email inbox or visit My Account >> Downloads to download your ordered files.

  42. please provide me solved assignments for MSO first year 2018-2019 session

    1. 2018-19 session assignments will be available in January 2019

  43. sir please send my order no. is #6713…..still Processing …

    1. Your order is completed please check in My Account >> Downloads

  44. PLz Provide BCS-011 Solved assignment.. urgently

  45. Pls provide solved assignment of Pgdast for july 2018-2019 session for the courses MST-002,003,004.

  46. Sir, Paid amount for MCSL 016 and MCSL 017 but yet to receive any solved solutions. When & how can I get the same

    1. You have entered invalid account detail kindly email us :

      1. Replied with details

        1. Please check the instruction we sent you in email. And contact us via your registered email to complete the order.

          1. sent reply hope I am not cheated

          2. Please reply us from your registered email address and your order will be completed.

  47. Sir I not get my assignment I paid 50 RS for this..mcs014

    1. Kindly visit My Account >> Downloads to download your ordered file. If you have any issue in downloading you can email us at

  48. provide me MSO first year solved assignments submit in march 2019

    1. 2019 Assignments will be availbale in January 2019

  49. I urgently need bshf101 for 1st sem

    1. Please tell us your session and medium(english/hindi).

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