EPA-04 English Medium Solved Assignment 2017-18


Assignment Code: EPA-04/AST/TMA/2017-2018

Course Name: Personnel Administration

Medium: English


EPA-04/BPAE-104 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP

Course Name: Personnel Administration

Questions answered in this solution:

Q. 1. Define promotion and describe the promotion system in India.

Q. 2. Write a note on incentives and other benefits that are available to public servants.

Q. 3. Discuss the meaning of personnel administration.

Q. 4. What is a Moderation Board?

Q. 5. Elaborate the Civil Rights of the civil servants.

Q. 6. Explain the types of classification of services.

Q. 7. Discuss foundational training.

Q. 8. Enlist the various methods of testing merit for recruitment.


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