EHI-04 English Medium Solved Assignment 2017-18 FREE


Course Code: EHI-04
Assignment Code: EHI-04/AST/TMA/2017-18
Medium: English


EHI-04: India From 16th To Mid 18th Century

Assignment Code: EHI-04/AST/TMA/2017-18

Questions Solved In Assignment:

  1. How was the Portuguese trade in India financed?
  2. Trace the evolution of Mughal school of painting under Akbar.
  3. Discuss the political formations in south India in the 16th century.
  4. Discuss the administrative structure of the Marathas.
  5. Write a note on the growth of mansab system under Akbar.
  6. Discuss various categories of land rights in the Deccan and south India in the 16th-17th centuries.
  7. Write short notes on the following:
    (ii) Bijapur Kingdom
    (iv) Bengali language and literature in the 16-17th centuries.


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