BRDE-101 Solved Assignment 2019 (Rural Development : Indian Context)


Course Code : BRDE-101

Course Title : Rural Development : Indian Context

Assignment Code : BRDE-101/AST/2018-19


BRDE-101 Solved Assignment 2018-19

Questions :


  • Explain major types and features of Indian rural society in terms of caste and class.
  • Discuss major objectives and various facets of development.
  • What do you mean by Human Development Index? Describe its important features.
  • Define sustainable development. Describe important strategies for sustainable rural development in India.
  • Discuss important features and functioning of cooperatives in rural areas.
  • Critically analyze the significance of education for individual, society and nation.
  • Describe the concept, types and functions of voluntary organizations.
  • Discuss the contributions of some important NGOs working for the development of youth in India.




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