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Chapter wise Reference Books including many solved question papers of BPAE-141 (Right to Information) for IGNOU BAG course

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BPAE-141 Right to Information | B.A General – 5th Semester | English Medium Book

This help book is published by Neeraj Publications based on IGNOU Course which includes solved question papers, Important guess question, chapter wise summary, revision, notes, chapter wise important study material to get best marks in IGNOU Examinations. You can buy this with confidence



S.No. Description Page
1 Sample Question Paper–1 (Solved)
2 Sample Question Paper–2 (Solved)
3 Sample Question Paper–3 (Solved)
4 Sample Question Paper–4 (Solved)
S.No. Description Page
1 Right to Information: Evolution, Concept, Achievement and Limitations 1
2 The Right to Information Act, 2005: An Overview 13
3 The Right to Information Rules 22
4 The Central Information Commission 34
5 The State Information Commission 46
6 Administrative Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability through the Right to Information Act, 2005: Issues and Challenges 58
7 Role of the Central Information Commission, State Information Commissions and Public Authorities: Expectations and Constraints 68
8 The RTI Act, 2005: Constraints in Implementation at the District Level 79
9 Role of Media 87
10 Role of Civil Society Organisations 98
11 Significance of Right to Information for Governance 109
12 Judgements of the Supreme Court and High Courts: Instrument for Facilitating the RTI Enforcement 119
13 Good Practices and Success: Efforts to Realise Transparency and Accountability 130
14 Social Audit 140
15 RTI: Bridging the Gap Between Rights and their Enforceability 152



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