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BEGC-114 Solved Question Paper of December 2022 Term End Exam


Course Code : BEGC-114
Course Title : Postcolonial Literatures
Language : English
Product : Solved Question Paper
Solution For : December 2022 Term End Exam Question Paper


Course Code : BEGC-114
Course Title : Postcolonial Literatures
Medium : English Medium
Content : Solved Question Paper of December 2022 Examination
Solution Type : Softcopy (PDF File)


Term-End Examination
December, 2022
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

Q. 1. Discuss the stanzas with reference to context. Answer any two:

(a) We were blessed with a virginal,
unpainted world
With Adam’s task of giving things their names.

(b) I no longer love her, that’s certain,
but maybe I love her.
Love is so short, forgetting is so long

(c) The drunken officer of British rule,
how choose Between this Africa and the English tongue I love?

Q. 2. What do you broadly understand by South African Literature? Is it different from African literature?

Q. 3. Briefly discuss the reasons and the outcome of the Great Trek. How is it addressed in South African writings?

Q. 4. Briefly discuss Nadine Gordimer’s role as an anti-apartheid activist and writer.

Q. 5. How do you see Bam and Maureen’s political viewpoint in the text July’s People.

Q. 6. Critically discuss the characterization in the stories of Grace Ogot.

Q. 7. Discuss your ideas about the aborigines of Australia.

Q. 8. Write a brief overview of postcolonial Australia.

Q. 9. Discuss the main trends of Indian drama with special reference to Ghashiram Kotwal.


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