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BGDG-172 Reference Book with Solved Question Papers (Softcopy/PDF)


Chapter wise Reference Books including many solved question papers of BGDG-172 (Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture) for IGNOU B.A. (BAG-New Semester System CBCS Syllabus) course.

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BGDG-172 (Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture)

This help book is based on IGNOU Syllabus, it includes many solved question papers, Important guess question, chapter wise summary, revision, notes, chapter wise important study material to get best marks in IGNOU Examinations. You can buy this with confidence.


S.No. Description Page
1 Question Paper–June-2023 (Solved)
2 Question Paper–December-2022 (Solved)
3 Question Paper–Exam Held in July-2022 (Solved)
4 Question Paper – Exam Held in February 2021 (Solved)
5 Sample Question Paper–1 (Solved)
6 Sample Question Paper–2 (Solved)
7 Sample Question Paper–3 (Solved)
8 Sample Question Paper–4 (Solved)
9 Sample Question Paper–5 (Solved)


S.No. Description Page
1 Understanding Gender Related Concepts 1
2 Gender and Sexualities 11
3 Masculinities 19
4 Gender in Everyday Life 30
5 Family and Marriage 40
6 Motherhood 51
7 Gendering Work 60
8 Gender Issues in Work and Labour Market 73
9 Reproductive Health and Rights 83
10 Gender and Disability 91
11 Gender-Based Violence 102
11 Sexual Harassment at the Workplace 112
11 Gender and Language 120
11 Gender and Media 130
11 Reading and Visualizing Gender 140

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