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BESC-133 Reference Book with Solved Question Papers (Softcopy/PDF)


Chapter wise Reference Books including many solved question papers of BESC-133 (Curriculum, Teaching-Learning and Assessment) for IGNOU B.A. (BAG-New Semester System CBCS Syllabus) course.

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BECC-133 (Curriculum, Teaching-Learning and Assessment)

This help book is based on IGNOU Syllabus, it includes many solved question papers, Important guess question, chapter wise summary, revision, notes, chapter wise important study material to get best marks in IGNOU Examinations. You can buy this with confidence.


S.No. Description Page
1 Question Paper – December 2022 (Solved)
2 Sample Question Paper–1 (Solved)
3 Sample Question Paper–2 (Solved)
4 Sample Question Paper–3 (Solved)


S.No. Description Page
1 Context of Curriculum 1
2 Meaning and Types of Curriculum 12
3 Curriculum Development 25
4 Curriculum and Pedagogy 34
5 Learner and Learning 44
6 Teacher and Teaching 55
7 Learning Environment 66
8 Organizing Learning Experiences 81
9 Classroom Organization and Management 95
10 Teaching Learning Resources 104
11 Managing Diversity in Classroom 118
12 Basics of Assessment and Evaluation 127
13 Types of Assessment and Evaluation 137
14 Assessing Abilities 147
15 ICT and Assessment 157
16 Trends in Assessment and Evaluation 166

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