MEC-06 Public Economics Solved Assignment 2017-2018


Assignment Code: MEC-006/AST/2017-18

Course Code: MEC-006

Medium: English

Course Title: Public Economics


MEC-06 Solved Assignment For IGNOU MA Economics In English Medium

Course Title : Public Economics

Following Questions Are Answered In This Solution:

  1. Critically evaluate the Kaldor-Hicks Ccriteria and their complementarity for the avoidance of Scitovsky Paradox.
  2. Does privatization decentralize economic power? Discuss.
  3. Why is Fiscal Federalism efficient in provision of public services?
  4. Distinguish between External Debt and Internal Debt. What factors should a government take care of so that the economy does not fall into a debt trap.
  5. Discuss how public choice is derived through different voting models.
  6. Explain the main reasons for the emergence of Horizontal Federal Fiscal Imbalance.
  7. Distinguish between merit and public goods with the help of examples.


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