MCS-015 Solved Assignment 2020-2021 | Communication Skills


Course Code : MCS-015
Course Title : Communication Skills
Assignment Number (Code) : BCA(2)/015/Assignment/2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2020 (for July 2020 session)
15th April, 2021 (for January 2021 session)


Course Code : MCS-015
Course Title : Communication Skills
Assignment Number : BCA(2)/015/Assignment/2020-21


Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2020 (for July 2020 session)
15th April, 2021 (for January 2021 session)
Solution Type : Softcopy (PDF File)

This assignment has ten questions. Answer all questions. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation.

Q1. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow:

Whatever the type of job interview ⎯ a walk-in, a telephone interview or a regular in-person job interview, preparation is the key. It is important that you keep yourself in a state of high motivation and readiness, making optimum use of your time to equip yourself to excel. Here are a few things you’d like to do for sure, by way of preparation.

You are certain to be asked specific questions about your potential employer, so make sure you’ve done your homework on company information like company history, recent performance, their last year’s profits and latest product launches. Nothing is as disappointing as when a candidate shows enthusiasm and then doesn’t even know the most basic facts and figures about the company. So, where can you find all this information? The most likely place is the Internet. A visit to the company website could help you get all the vital statistics, including products and services as well as a feel of the company culture. You must also check out the annual report and look for a press or company news page. Put their name into a search engine to see if they’ve had any recent interesting stories written about them. It is also advisable to tap industry sources, trade journals, newspapers and other business publications to give you good background knowledge of the industry as well as the company.

Talk to people who work in the company or in similar companies / areas to gather as much information as you can about the nature of work, responsibilities, work culture and work requirements.

For the interview, you need to know your CV inside out. Go through your CV carefully and make notes on how you will elaborate or illustrate what you have stated. You need to be ready with examples from your experience to be able to substantiate all the claims you have made. Try to relate specific areas of your CV back to the job description. It will make it clear to the interviewer why they should hire you. Also go through the copy of your application carefully before the interview. The interview panel is likely to ask specific questions about it.

Going for a job interview is no different from going for an exam. It is important that you go well prepared and confident so that you can field any question that is put to you.

Before the Interview

Apart from finding out about the company and being thorough with your CV, it would be helpful to follow these tips:

  • Make a rational assessment of yourself before you go for the interview. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review your skills and abilities.
  • Have a mock interview with a friend based on the common interview questions you’re likely to face.
  • If you are asked to bring certificates, references, etc, get them ready well in advance to avoid having to chase around them on the morning of the big day.
  • If you have filled up a statement of purpose as part of the application, be ready for some probing questions based on this.
  • Be sure you know the time, date and location of the interview.
  • Decide how you will get there and when you need to set off to arrive in good time, anticipating any delays. Visit the place once beforehand if possible.
  • If you look good, you tend to feel good too. Avoid any last minute panic by preparing what you’re going to wear the night before.
  • Don’t go into the interview with lots of baggage – psychological or physical. Take the bare minimum with you so you can concentrate on the interview, and nothing else.at you’re going to wear the night before.
  • Prepare at least 5 questions that you would like to ask the panel about the company or your job. You don’t have to ask them all. See for yourself what is most appropriate to ask during the interview.

(a) What should be your state of mind when getting ready for a job interview?

(b) Why do you need to do adequate homework about the company where you have been called for an interview?

(c) What sort of information can you get about the company from the internet?

(d) Going for an interview is just like going for an exam? Discuss.

(e) Regarding the tips given in the passage which is the most useful for you and why.

Q2. Find words from the passage that mean the same as the following:

(a) The state of being prepared for something
(b) To the maximum
(c) To stand out
(d) Possible in the future
(e) Eagerness
(f) Most important
(g) Give details
(h) Objective and reasonable
(i) Searching
(j) Being aware of

Q3. Identify the part of the sentence which is grammatically incorrect:

  1. (1) Even in thick fog, (2) the tower of the Taj (3) can be seen clearly (4) and so do those of the Agra fort.
  2. (1) The ship had sank (2) in the Pacific (3) before the distress signal (4) was sent.
  3. (1) Rajiv drove (2) as fastly as he could (3) but failed to (4) overtake the train.
  4. (1) I don’t wish (2) to buy a new camera (3) as my old one (4) works perfect.
  5. (1) The meanings of certain (2) difficult terms and phrases (3) are given (4) in the bottom of the page.

Q4. Rewrite these sentences beginning with the words given below.

(a) The crop have been destroyed due to heavy rainfall.
Heavy rainfall………………..
(b) We will hold the meeting on 9th of this month.
The meeting………………..
(c) The farm is being sold.
They are ………………..
(d) You are requested to maintain silence.
Please ………………..
(e) The college has organized an inter-school debate competition.
An inter-school………………..

Q5. Fill in the blanks with a/an, the or no article Ǿ.

The larger …….. meeting, the more difficult it becomes to reach at …….. decision. …….. ideal size of …….. meeting depends on…….. purpose of …….. meeting. If…….. meeting has been called to give…….. information to the members, the number of participants do not matter. But if …….. meeting has been called to take…….. decision on any matter, it is advisable to call just…….. few individuals for it.

All…….. meetings have something in…….. common. …….. most important feature is …….. agenda. The next is the role of …….. Chairperson. …….. efficient chairperson will adhere to …….. agenda and time and focus only on…….. purpose, and …….. reaching desired objectives of the meeting.

Q6. Write short notes on the following:

(a) An effective job interview
(b) How to overcome panic while presenting?

Q7. Write an essay in 250 to 300 words on any one of the following:

  • The impact of social media on citizens
  • Importance of body language in presentations
  • An effective way of taking minutes for any meeting

Q8. Mark the stress in the following words:

examine examination
academic academician
favourite favoritism
exhibit exhibition
govern government

Q9. Write a conversation between you and your grandparents. Discuss how people have, over the years, changed the way they spend their leisure time.

Grandfather: We would usually spend our leisure time reading a book or chatting with friends.

(Take about ten turns).

Q10. Write a letter to a friend about your new job in an IT corporate company. Talk about the type of work that you do and the satisfaction that you derive from it. Also talk about your colleagues. Write in about 150 words.

All questions are solved in this assignment solution.

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