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LSE-12 Solved Assignment 2019 Plant Diversity-I (IGNOU BSC/BDP)


Course Code : LSE-12
Course Title : Plant Diversity-I
Assignment Code : LSE-12/TMA/2019
Medium : English
Valid From : 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019


(Tutor Marked Assignment)
Plant Diversity-I

Course Code: LSE-12
Assignment Code: LSE-12/TMA/2019
Maximum Marks: 100

  1. Prepare a table showing groups of organisms of the Five Kingdoms Classification.
  2. With the help of suitable examples and well labelled diagrams describe the basic types of thallus in algae.
  3. List the divisions of eukaryotic algae. Write the salient characteristics and give two examples of each.
  4. Describe methods of vegetative reproduction in fungi with the help of labelled diagrams.
  5. Write an account on the role of fungi in fermentation. Give suitable examples to support your answer.
  6. Illustrate vegetative and sexual reproduction inMarchantia.
  7. Make neat and labelled diagrams of the following: a) types of fossils, and b) life cycle of Selaginella.
  8. Outline the general characteristics of pteridophytes. How do they resemble bryophytes and in which characteristics both differ from each other? In what aspects pteridophytes resemble seed plants?


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