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LSE-06 Solved Assignment 2019 Developmental Biology (IGNOU BSC/BDP)


Course Code : LSE-06
Course Title : Developmental Biology
Assignment Code : LSE-06/TMA/2019
Medium : English
Valid From : 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019


(Tutor Marked Assignment)
Developmental Biology

Course Code: LSE- 06
Assignment Code: LSE-06/TMA/2019
Maximum Marks: 100

Part I (Plant Development)

  1. Make neat and labelled diagrams of the following:
    i)Types of ovules,
    ii)Apomixis types,
    iii)Cross-section of fruit of Pyrus malus, and
    iv)Storied and non-storied cambium.
  2. Write short notes on the following:
    i)Morphological changes accompanying floral induction,
    ii)Production of haploids by tissue culture,
    iii)Abscission of leaves and fruits,and
    iv)Variants of endosperm.
  3. Prepare a detailed account on types of incompatibility, its biological significance and methods to overcome it.

Part II (Animal Development)

  1. Answer the following briefly:
    i) List out the different germ layers present in the gastrula.
    ii) Name the three zones from the outer to the inner side of neural retina.
    iii) List the three stages of carcinogenesis.
    iv) Differentiate between the premetamorphosis and prometamorphorsisstages during anuran metamorphosis.
    v) How does the Rubellain a 4-5 weeks pregnant virus infection woman affect the unborn baby?
  2. Explain with neat, labelled diagrams the following:
    i) Stages in vertebrate spermatogenesis.
    ii) Circulatory system changes during human development from foetal toinfant stage.
    iii) Incomplete extensive metamorphosis in dragon flies.
    iv) The process of cell death in the control of pattern formation of limbs.
  3. i) What physiological and biochemical changes occur as a consequence of aging?
    ii) Describe the process of regeneration in planarians.
  4. i) Explain how metastasis occurs in cancer.
    ii) Describe the process of morphogenesis of mesodermal derivatives in vertebrates


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