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IBO-06 Solved Assignment 2018-19 International Business Finance


Course Code : IBO-06
Course Title : International Business Finance
Assignment Code : IBO-06/TMA/2018-19
Medium : English
PDF Size : 1 MB (approx.)


IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018-19

IBO-06 International Business Finance

Questions Solved In Assignment:

  1. (a) An Adverse balance of payment is always a sign of weakness in the economy. Comment.
    (b) Differentiate between:
    (i) Capital account and current account
    (ii) Capital account and reserve account
  2. (a) Distinguish between gold standard and gold exchange standard.
    (b) What were the distinctive features of Bretton Woods system?
  3. (a) What is translation exposure? Is management of translation exposure more important that economic exposure? Discuss.
    (b) What are Euro Bonds and Foreign Bonds?
  4. (a) What is political risk? Discuss the various approaches for assessment of political risk.
    (b) What is transfer pricing? Why do the Transnational Corporations resort to transfer pricing?
  5. (a) Discuss the issues in the taxation of business investment abroad.
    (b) Differentiate between fisher effect and international fisher effect.


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