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IBO-03 Solved Assignment 2019-20 For PGDIBO (India’s Foreign Trade)


Program : PGDIBO
Course Code : IBO-03
Course Title : India’s Foreign Trade
Assignment Code : IBO-03/TMA/2019-20
Medium : English
PDF Size : 1 MB (approx.)


IGNOU Solved Assignment for 2019-20

PGDIBO – Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations

IBO-03 India’s Foreign Trade

Questions Solved In Assignment:

  1. Discuss important issues in world trade. Describe briefly the strategy adopted by India to integrate with world trade.
  2. Explain briefly the constraints hampering export promotion efforts of India. How have various agencies responded to tackle these issues?
  3. Give an overview of the exports of handicrafts and jewellery from India. What are India’s competitive advantages and disadvantages in this sector?
  4. Define services. Discuss India’s export and avenues of services.
  5. Write short notes on the following
    (a) Balance of payments
    (b) Role of international organizations in world trade.
    (c) Indo-US trade prospects
    (d) India-SAARC trade


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