IBO-01 English Medium Solved Assignment For 2017-18


Assignment Code: IBO-01/TMA/2017-18

Medium: English


IGNOU MCOM Solved Assignment for 2018 (FREE)

IBO-01 International Business Environment

Questions Solved In Assignment:

  1. What are the underlying principles of balance of payments? Explain various components of balance of payments with examples.
    1. Describe the effects of globalization on the world economy.
    2. Explain various approaches to globalization of the firm
  2. Explain various International Commodity Agreements.
  3. Comment on the following:
    1. Geographic environment do not affect demand pattern of the people living in the country.
    2. High risks and rising R & D costs have not forced many TNCs to form technology related strategic alliances.
    3. The Regional Economic Groupings do not lead to increase in market size.
    4. There is no difference between void agreement and unlawful agreement.
  4. Write short notes on of the following:
    1. Socio–cultural Environment
    2. India and Transfer of Technology
    3. Rationale of Regional Economic Groupings
    4. Essential Elements of a Valid Contract


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