FST-01 Solved Assignment 2019 Foundation Course In Science & Technology FREE


Course Code : FST-01
Course Title : Foundation Course In Science and Technology
Assignment Code : FST-1/TMA/2019
Medium : English


(Tutor Marked Assignment)

Course Code : FST-1
Assignment Code : FST-1/TMA/2019
Max. Marks: 100

  1. Discuss social organisation; and improvements in agriculture, crafts and trade during the ‘Gupta Period ‘.
  2. With the help of suitable examples describe the Method of Science.
  3. Describe characteristics of planets of solar system.
  4. Write an account on evidences that support human evolution.
  5. Citing examples explain as to how used resources and wastes can be reused.
  6. ‘There is mismatch between man’s scientific ability to produce and social incapacity to utilise’. Justify this statement.
  7. Make a table showing the food groups and their major nutrients.
  8. Giving appropriate examples explain how recent technological advances have benefitted the modern education system.
  9. Draw a clear, bold and labelled illustration of basic units of computer.
  10. Elaborate the following:
    a) Science influences entire social edifice, and
    b) Society influences scientific development.


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