EPA-01 English Medium Solved Assignment 2017-18


Assignment Code: EPA-01/AST/TMA/2017-2018

Course Name: Administrative Theory

Medium: English


EPA-01 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP

Course Name: Administrative Theory

Questions answered in this solution:

Q. 1. Describe the scope and domain of public administration.

Q. 2. Write a note on Hawthorne Studies done by Elton Mayo.

Q. 3. Explain the characterisics of bureaucracy as propounded by Max Weber.

Q. 4. Discuss the characterisics of a formal organisation.

Q. 5. “There are several hindrances to delegation” Elaborate.

Q. 6. Describe the functions of Chief Executive.

Q. 7. Summarise the features of Sala model of administration.

Q. 8. Explain the significance of leadership.


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