ECO-13 Business Environment (English) Solved Assignment 2017-18


Assignment Code: ECO-13/TMA/2017-18

Course Title: Business Environment

Medium: English


ECO-13 Solved Assignment In English For IGNOU
Course Title: Business Environment

Following questions are answered in this solution:

Q. 1. What is meant by business environment? List economic and non-economic components of business environment. Explain cultural environment of India.

Q. 2. Explain why India’s economy is called “A Mixed Economy”. Describe different sectors of Indian economy?

Q. 3. What were the objectives of the “Industrial Policy 1991”? Discuss various policy measures adopted for achieving these objectives. Evaluate briefly the success of this policy.

Q. 4. Distinguish between the following:
(a) Statutory and on Statutory Measures of Settlement of Industrial Disputes.
(b) Foreign Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment.

Q. 5. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Role of foreign capital in industrialization
(b) Balance of payments.
(c) Advantages and disadvantages of free trade.
(d) Functions of World Trade Organization.


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