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BEGE-106 Solved Assignment 2018-19 Understanding Poetry


Course Code: BEGE-106
Course Title: Understanding Poetry
Assignment Code: BEGE-106/AST/TMA/2018-19
Medium: English


BEGE-106 Solved Assignment Understanding Poetry For IGNOU BA (BDP). BEGE-106 2018-19 Session Assignment Solution Guide

Attempt all questions. Answer all questions in approximately 450 words.
  1. Critically analyse Donne’s poem “The Sun Rising”.
  2. Discuss the themes of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
  3. Comment on the literary devices used in Lord Byron’s poem“ Roll on Thon Deep and Dark Blue Ocean”.
  4. Mac Flecknoe has all the features of a mock-heroic fantasy. Elaborate.
  5. What made Yeats a modernist poet? Discuss by giving examples from his poems in the block.


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