EEG-02/BEGE-102 Solved Assignment 2018-19 The Structure of Modern English


Course Code : BEGE-102/EEG-02

Course Title : The Structure of Modern English

Assignment Code: EEG-02/BEGE-102 /TMA/2018-19

Medium: English


BEGE-102 / EEG-02 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BA (BDP)

Course Code: BEGE-102 / EEG-02

Course Name: The Structure of Modern English

Assignment Code: EEG-02/BEGE-102/TMA/2018-19

Session: July 2018 and January 2019

Answer all the questions.
1. Write short notes on the following:

i Nasal consonants in English
ii Stress and rhythm in connected speech
iii Conversion as a morphological device in English
iv Question formation in English

2a. Give the phonetic symbols for each of the following consonants. The first one is done for you:

Voiced bilabial plosive / b / voiceless alveolar plosive voiced velar nasal
palatal semi-vowel
voiced palato-alveolar affricate Voiceless labio-dental fricative

2b. Mark the stress in the following sentences.

i She’s doing her homework.
ii They’ve gone away.
iii What a colourful picture!
iv How much does it cost?
v It was time for them to leave.

2c Write the symbol for the vowel sound represented by the underlined letters in the following words.

turn though severe chair fluent

3a What are compounds? Describe the criteria for distinguishing compounds from phrases. Illustrate your answer with examples.

3b Add prefixes to the following words. Write what type of prefix (negative, reversative, number, degree, etc.) it is:

able national compose noon associate

3c Fill in the blank in the sentences with an appropriate form of the word given in the brackets and prefix from the box. You may change the form of the word if required.

mis- out- over- multi- pre- sub- re- trans-

i Because the machine had outlived its usefulness, the production manager proposed to it. (place)
ii The finance department badly the costings for the new factory buildings. (calculate)
iii There’s something wrong with this bill. I think they’ve me. (charge)
iv Our major supplier is a large company, which always delivers on time. (national)
v Manufacture of the components was to a smaller company. (contract)

4a Identify the patterns in the following sentences in terms of these elements, viz. S,V, IO, DO, C, A.

i He hopes to become an agricultural expert.
ii She skillfully demolished their argument.
iii She listened carefully to their argument.
iv Please get off my bicycle.
v The student’s new bicycle has three gears.

4b What is the difference between Defining and Non-defining Relative clauses? Discuss giving examples.

4c Fill the gaps in these sentences with a suitable relative pronoun.

i The person impressed me most was Mr. Wright.
ii Mr. Wright application form we received yesterday is a very promising candidate.
iii His CV you showed me yesterday is most impressive.
iv He has excellent references from his present employers are ACME Engineering.
v He was working in Norwich they have their Head Quarters.

5a Givingexamples, write briefly about different types of negation.

5b Fill in the blanks with the correct question tags.

i You are ready to go, ?
ii We need a map and a compass, ?
iii The front door is locked, ?
iv That motorist drives recklessly, ? vThe cars ahead are slowing down, ?

5c Fit these conjunctions (if, in case, unless, until, when) into the gaps in the sentences:

i We are unable to supply the goods we receive payment in advance.
ii A spare axle is provided one is damaged during routine use.
iii The machine should not be modified a service engineer is present.
iv The filter should be changed the unit has been in operation for two months.
v The red light will come on the machine overheats.


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