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BEGAE-182 Reference Book with Solved Question Papers (Softcopy/PDF)


Chapter wise Reference Books including many solved question papers of BEGAE-182 (English Communication) for IGNOU B.A. (BAG-New Semester System CBCS Syllabus) course.

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BEGAE-182 (English Communication)

This help book is based on IGNOU Syllabus, it includes many solved question papers, Important guess question, chapter wise summary, revision, notes, chapter wise important study material to get best marks in IGNOU Examinations. You can buy this with confidence.


S.No. Description Page
1 Question Paper – June 2023 (Solved)
2 Question Paper – December 2022 (Solved)
3 Question Paper – Exam Held in March 2022 (Solved)
4 Question Paper – Exam Held in February 2021 (Solved)
5 Sample Question Paper–1 (Solved)
6 Sample Question Paper–2 (Solved)
7 Sample Question Paper–3 (Solved)
8 Sample Question Paper–4 (Solved)
9 Sample Question Paper–5 (Solved)


S.No. Description Page
1 The Process of Communication 1
2 The Globalization of Communication : A Global Village 16
3 Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication 27
4 Informal Interpersonal Functions 42
5 Making Enquiries/Asking Questions 52
6 Group Discussions and Meetings 65
7 Presentation Skills: Essentials of Presentation Skills 81
8 The Reading Skill 95
9 Vocabulary Development 111
10 The Writing Skill: Some Basic Guidelines 121
11 The Language of Formal Letters 137

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