BECE-107/EEC-07 Solved Assignment 2020-2021 | Industrial Development In India


Course Code :  BECE-107 / EEC-07
Course Title : Industrial Development In India
Medium :  English Medium
Session :  2020-21 (July 2020 and January 2021)
Last Date of Submission :  31st March, 2021 (for July 2020 session)
30th September, 2021 (for January 2021 session)
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Course Code : BECE-107 / EEC-7
Course Title : Industrial Development In India
Medium : English Medium
Program : BA / BDP
Max Marks : 100
Weightage : 30%
Session : July 2020 and January 2021 (2020-21)
Last Date of Submission : 31st March, 2021 (for July 2020 session)
30th September, 2021 (for January 2021 session)
Solution Type : Softcopy (PDF File)


Programme Code: BDP
Assignment Code: BECE-107/EEC 07/ AST/2020-21
Maximum Marks: 100

Answer all the questions.

A. Long Answer Questions (word limit: 500 words for each question)

1) Define industrial sickness. What are its symptoms and causes? What are the measures adopted by the government to rehabilitate sick units.
2) Briefly describe the nature of linkages of the industrial sector with agriculture and services sectors in India.

B. Medium Answer Questions (word limit: 250 words or each question)

3) Briefly summarise the opportunities and challenges posed by globalisation to the Indian industrial sector.

4) Bring out the important policy changes pertaining to industrial sector since economic liberalisation.

5) Give a brief account of the factors that influence the location of industries.

6) Critically examine the role of MNCs in a developing economy such as India.

C. Short Answer Questions (word limit: 100 words or each question)

7) Bring out the rationale for disinvestment in India.

8) Write short notes on the following:
a) Corporate Social Responsibility
b) Major issues in Competition Law in India


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