BCOE-108 Company Law Solved Assignment 2017-18


Assignment Code: BCOE-108/TMA/2017-18

Course Name: Company Law

Medium: English


BCOE-108 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BDP

Course Title: Company Law

Questions answered in this solution:

Q. 1. (a) Define a company. Describe the main characteristics of a company.

(b) Define a public company.What is the procedure for converting a public company into a private company?

Q. 2. (a) What do you mean by incorporation of a compay? What are the effects of registration of a company?

(b) What is declaration of solvency?

Q. 3. (a) What do you understand by Memorandum of Association? Explain the doctrine of ultra-vires
with suitable examples.

(b) What are articles of association? How can they be altered?

Q. 4. (a) What are the rules subject to which preference shars may be issued and redeemed?

(b) Explain the procedure of allotment of shares.

Q. 5. (a) Discuss the legal position of a Director.

(b) Explain the limitations under Companies Act 2013 regarding payment of remuneration to the managerial personal.



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