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Course Code : BCOC-135
Course Title : Company Law
Medium : English Medium
Session : 2020-21
Assignment Code : BCOC-135/TMA/2020-21
Assignment Questions : Clcik Here


Course Code : BCOC-135
Course Title : Company Law
Medium : English Medium
Max Marks : 100
Weightage : 30%
Session : 2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 15th March, 2020 (for July 2019 session)
15th September, 2020 (for January 2020 session)
Solution Type : Softcopy (PDF File)


Course Code : BCOC-135
Course Title : COMPANY LAW
Assignment Code : BCOC-135/TMA/2020-21
Coverage : ALL BLOCKS

Maximum marks: 100

Note: Attempt all sections.

(This section contains five questions of 10 marks each)

Q.1 What is corporate veil? Under what circumstances can the corporate veil be lifted?

Q.2 Discuss the role and legal status of a promoter.

Q.3 What are the requisites of a valid meeting?

Q.4 What is memorandum of Association? Explain the doctrine of ultra vires.

Q.5 Explain the rule known as doctrine of indoor management. What are exceptions to this rule?


(This section contains five short questions of 6 marks each)

Q.6 Define a company and explain the features of a company.

Q.7 Distinguish between Right Share and Bonus Share.

Q.8 Who can be a director? What is the maximum and minimum number of directors to be appointed by a company?

Q.9 What is proxy? What are the rights of proxy?

Q.10 What are articles of association? How can they be altered?


(This section contains four short questions of 5 marks each)

Q.11 “Directors are trustees of the company”. Comment.

Q.12 “Surrender of shares is the same thing as forfeiture of shares.” Comment

Q.13 In a company all shareholders are member but all members need not to be shareholders. Discuss

Q.14 Who are the persons who can inspect books of accounts?


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