BCOC-133 Solved Assignment 2020-21 | Business Law | English Medium


Course Code : BCOC-133
Course Title : Business Law
Medium : English Medium
Session : 2020-21
Assignment Code : BCOC-133/TMA/2020-21
Assignment Questions : Clcik Here


Course Code : BCOC-133
Course Title : Business Law
Medium : English Medium
Max Marks : 100
Weightage : 30%
Session : 2020-21
Last Date of Submission : 15th March, 2020 (for July 2019 session)
15th September, 2020 (for January 2020 session)
Solution Type : Softcopy (PDF File)


Course Code : BCOC-133
Course Title : BUSINESS LAW
Assignment Code : BCOC-133/TMA/2020-21
Coverage : ALL BLOCKS

Maximum marks: 100

Note: Attempt all sections.


Q.1 What is an offer? Explain the essentials of a valid offer with examples. (10)

Q.2 Discuss the rule that a stranger to a contract cannot sue. Are there any exceptions to this rule? Discuss. (10)

Q.3 Define mistakes. Explain in detail the types of bilateral mistake. (10)

Q.4 Define the term property in goods as used in sale of goods act. What are the rules relating to transfer of property of specific goods from seller to buyer? (10)

Q.5 Who is a holder in due course? Explain his privileges. (10)


Q.6 What is presentment for acceptance? What are the effects of non-presentment for acceptance. (6)

Q.7 Discuss the provisions of Indian Partnership Act regarding the expulsion of a partner. (6)

Q.8 “Sharing of profits is the only prima-facie evidence of partnership”. Comment. (6)

Q.9 Distinguish between coercion and undue influence. (6)

Q.10 The liability of sureties in co-extensive with the liability of principal debtor. Discuss (6)


Q.11 Who is finder of lost goods? What are his rights? (5)

Q.12 Who can make a valid pledge? (5)

Q.13 Agreement in restraint of trade is void. Discuss. (5)

Q.14 Distinguish between Recession and Injunction with examples. (5)


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