AOM-01 Office Organisation and Management Solved Assignment


Assignment Code: AOM-01/TMA/2017-18

Course Title: Office Organisation and Management

Medium: English


AOM-01 Solved Assignment For IGNOU BCOM (FREE)

Course Title: Office Organisation and Management

Medium: English

Following Questions are answered in this solution:

Q. 1. What are the purposes for which written external communication is conducted? What are the advantages of written communication?

Q.2. Discuss the various types of calculating machines used to modern organizations for the computation work. What are their common advantages?

Q. 3. Briefly comment on the following:
a) Poor working conditions cause mental strain.
b) There is no standard size for the executive desk or table.
c) Decentralized filing is relatively more economical than centralized filing.
d) Given a set of possible decisions, a decision-maker will select one on the basis of the information at

Q. 4. Write short notes on the following:
a) Signals.
b) Self-Indexing
c) Office manual
d) Flow chart

Q. 5. Distinguish between the following
a) Strip Index and visible card Index.
b) Guides and Signals.
c) Copying and duplicating machines.
d) Horizontal communication or vertical communication.


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